Sunday, October 15, 2017

On Professional Boxing:

On Professional Boxing:

Should a boxer that intentionally twists his fist at the end of a punch for the purpose of:

1. Cutting the face.
2. Making a cut on the face, such as near the eye bigger and worse.
3. Causing scars, which are harder and therefore easier cut, to open up anew.

Should a boxer like that be allowed to win the match? I say no! I say that isn't what boxing is supposed to be about. To me boxing is about, speed, footwork, attack and yes knock out. It isn't about tearing someone face up so that it scars over and is therefore more likely to bleed in the next fight, again because the scar tissue is harder.

I remember decades ago watching a boxer avoid a cut eye on his opponent out of sport?

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Illegal Performance Enhancing Drug use in Professional Sports 09 27 2017

Illegal Performance Enhancing Drug use in Professional Sports 09 27 2017
I don't see any difference between someone that uses Illegal performance enhancing substances and street drugs like heroin. Let's see if you can follow my logic proof.
The person who uses street drugs uses them to achieve a False Psychoactive Effect (FPE for short).
Heroin= FPE
The person who uses illegal performance enhancing substances (steroids) does so for two reasons.
A. To achieve more strength leading to better athletic performance.
B. The false psychoactive effect the drug has on mood.
Let's break down "A" above a little.
What does the falsely achieved better athletic performance only lead to? Perhaps more falsely achieved wins. And therefore a Falsely achieved Psychoactive Effect (FPE) again for short. So there is no difference. So Illegal Performance enhancing substances =FPE.
Hence there is no difference between the two. I don't see how you could ever look at the players who used them and see them any differently than that. The truth is that you have a disfigured brain due to parents drinking alcohol preconception or the mother while pregnant, from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with no outward physical signs.
No legitimate coach would ever support that kind of winning!
Donald Trump stated that the NFL "Business" would got to h3ll if they did not salute the flag. Given the above prevalence it already is h3ll! Just as much as that freaked out junkie on the street corner is! Not only can you not be a legitimate coach, team manager or player to support that activity...more importantly a person like that could NEVER even be a good father to children.
Did you ever see the mean defiant look of a child that did something wrong and knows that you know and knows that you can't do anything to punish them? That is exactly the look on the face of the steroid user.
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Green Bay Packers Versus Atlanta Falcons 09 17 2017

Green Bay Packers Versus Atlanta Falcons 09 17 2017

My Supreme right to Free Speech allows me to comment on anything that they say on that television no matter how much they want to object to it.

Started watching this game during the second half.

The touchdown in the Fourth Quarter was interesting.  The announcers said that if you touch the pylon it doesn't negate the touchdown.  But is that really what happened?  Didn't his left foot hook that pylon?  And in hooking it that left foot was out of bounds?  Did the right foot break the plane of the endzone?  Is stepping halfway on the white line of the endzone mean its a touchdown today?

When you look at all the instant replay checks don't you have to ask yourself a few questions?  How come the professionals hired to ref the game can't see that fast?  But more importantly should it really matter in a game if a referree makes a bad call?  Why does it matter?  It matters because a lot of money is involved.  But should it matter?  I say it shouldn't matter because it is a game and not work.  So how do we make it not matter?  We take the money out of professional sports!

Let me ask you this.  A monkey picks bananas all day long is that work?  Do we say a monkey is working because it is picking its bananas for the day?  Of course we don't.  Is it fair to say that animals don't work?  I think that is very fair to say that work can only be done by those who have a human conscience?

Do you want to know what the real difference between man and beast is?  Beast picks rotten fruit that is fermented with alcohol and has mentally retarded offspring and man doesn't.  Hence beast isn't working when it is picking bananas.

But the better question is why is any of this important?  Because there is a lot of money involved.

The filming of this game didn't look to be in a high enough frame rate video.  In the age of big screen televisions it doesn't seem right that costs are saved in some manner in some part of that business in that way.  It is a business and a game at the same time?  What implications are there?

The score is GB 16 ATL 34 with 6:51 minutes left in the fourth, can Green Bay win?  Very interesting thing about Aron Rodges is that he can put himself at a winning pace and make points back without being frantic.  And soon enough we get tied and ahead again?  Does it make for a better game or a worse game?  Sometimes we like it when the protagonist is nervous and wins?  But Arron is methodical and the points seem to rack up to a win at the end.  Perhaps that makes the game less stressful for the viewing audience?  You never really get to feeling like the team is down so much that they can't come back because they get on a streak and steadily score points.  I will give them credit for that.  They just scored a touchdown.  The score is now GB 23 ATL 34 an 11 point game.

So they can come back in game after game during the regular season, but they loose that ability in the play offs?  Which means what?

If I can't write about the game then that hypothyroid eyed guy in the fish market or tavern can't say a word about it either.

I think that the officiating crew has as much ability to adjudicate a game as an empty stack of beer bottles made into a sculpture by a drunkard does.  How could they?  Their work is based on play.  No integrity there.

Okay so why take it seriously?  Because it is ruining our educations system!  If I were President of this nation you would not have one dolt as a physical education teaching allowed in ANY school in our nation.  The most subjective and hateful morons you will ever meet in your life!  Make the emphasis of education sports instead of academic ability.  Enough of glamorizing the jar heads!  Act like they are the big strong men that would save our nation in a war?  It isn't true.  They go into basic training in the army and they are the first ones to cry like sissies and go home.  That or they proliferate the use of drugs in the military.  Which is another place for massive cost cutting in our country.  In fact we have a Constitutional mandate to do that!  We are not to have an Army in times of peace per our Constitution.  A lot of these problem people should be million man marched out of here, whether they are black or white.  No matter how angry acting like their momma they can get at you.

The army has a dress code.  Cut that hair short.  So how come the not the NFL?  Because people sued because it violated their ability to practice religion?  It is a little known fact that our Country was founded on the fact that we were not going to put up with the practice of some religions on us, specifically the Wiccan religion.  In true righteousness we hung them.  So why don't people sue to have long hair in the army?  Because in that case we are able to just put our foot down and say NO! The reason being it is unhealthy and also encumbers ones movement and sight.  Now you would think reasons like that would apply in the NFL too.  But why not?  Because it is a wiccan money controlled nation.  So how come we can't put our foot down and say no with regard to the NFL?

Don't like that I am commenting on television programs?  You can put that television on your shoulders and million man march it out of my country.  Most valuable possession that you have isn't it!

36 seconds left and the score is GB 23 ATL 34 and right now what I am thinking is that I would hate for a tie because I don't want to end up staying up late tonight to see who will win.

Did I mention that I hear a little slur in Al Michaels mouth.  It is either indicative of an angry old  curmudgeon or denture cream that ain't holding its own.

Atlanta wins 34 to GB 23.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

When I buy a Wisconsin Hunting License aren't I really just putting a Deer or Turkey on a Farmers Table? 03 19 2017

When I buy a Wisconsin Hunting License aren't I really just putting a Deer or Turkey on a Farmers Table?  03 19 2017

What is the percentage of game taken by farmers on their property or adjacent public land to their property versus the hunter who owns no hunting land and must use public lands?

I will assert that it amounts to just putting a Deer or Turkey on a Farmers table.

And I have bee out on Public lands and have had drunks come up to me with guns and threaten that if I crossed over a non fenced fence line the owner of that property would come after me with a shotgun.

So how do we get around this?  Different rates for hunting licences for Farmers versus non land owners.

It is the same thing with up North Fishing in Wisconsin, when I buy a fishing license I am really just putting another DNR fish hatchery fish on the spear of a Native American and on his table.

We have had about enough of that!

Do you think Trump will do anything about it?  Do you think his sons ever hunted public lands?  We all watchted those Mutual of Omaha shows and know how that Safari Hunting works.  The white man who for some reason controls Africa through money drives the hunter out there in a truck with an arial platform to about 20 feet away from whatever it is he wants to shoot.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Humor about the Golden Globes 01 08 2017

Humor about the Golden Globes 01 08 2017

The other night when I heard a TV commentator use the term "Hollywood Movie Royalty" my counter emotion was "Eviction Class Transport Ships."

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