Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 Versus New England Patriots 24 01 21 2018

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 Versus New England Patriots 24 01 21 2018

I watch a football game for a little while and if I see some talent I will watch it more.

When you have a team that has a good running game going that is a fun game to watch! When you are defending against a guy that is 6.2” and 220 pounds and all muscle and fast that is a hard runner to defend against

Brady was just tackled good not long ago and he is said to have a rib injury.

Number 27 (Leonard Fournette, 6” 228 pounds) just came running in low for a touchdown. It is very hard to run forward when you are low; very easy to buckle your knees.

Jacksonville's Quarterback number 5's name is Blake Bortles. What is the origin of the surname? Could it mean a wine servant?

I was for Jacksonville because they are from Florida and a relatively new team. It is good to see a young team learn to do everything right and take on everyone else who has been around awhile and defeat them.

When teams are playing with a lot of talent in many player positions it is also a fun game to watch.

Tom Brady is the Quarterback for the Patriots. According to this sight the surname has four different origins. 1. A male descendant of a dishonest chief. 2. “Broad Eye” meaning good eyesight. 3. Someone who came from a lost island named “Broad Island.” 4. A person that lives on broad land that was cleared from forests for farming.

So knowing the surname origins of the quarterbacks who is going to win? The score is currently Jax 14 NE 3.

NE just ran one in to make the game 14 to 10.

And if you view some of the game commentary like you do a child that distracts your class do what I do and turn the volume on mute and don't look at the television while you are surfing the internet or typing during half time. I think if you are going to be paid $100,000.oo or more to comment on games you should have more integrity than I have seen displayed.

Jacksonville seems to have a well coordinated passing game and they look like they have the gaps or weaknesses of the passing game defense figured out. Wide open receptions. When you see that time and again you think that defense is not a Superbowl Defense.

Jacksonville strong running through defenders after catch!

Patriots 14 Cooks should have caught that perfect pass!

Jacksonville offense just completed a flee flicker, very hard to do! Also very risky!

I thought Lews had possession as the ball was still tucked between his arm and his torso when he was down on the ground!!! I assert this is the way the play should have been called even though I am for Jacksonville.

Patriots just completed a flee flicker!!!! Now moments later a Patriots touchdown. To me it looks like the Patriots offense learned from how the Jacksonville offense was beating them.

Jax 20 NE 17 with 8:38 minutes to go.

Passing touchdown by Brady to #80 in the end zone. Jax 20 NE 24. Number 80's right leg was close to being out of bounds before the left foot was down.

2:48 Seconds left.

New England wins on the Spoil Sport kneel down! Never did like that rule.

So the team that adapted best during the game won!

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Baseball Humor? 01 21 2018

Baseball Humor? 01 21 2018

When the batter gets beamed by the pitcher with teh ball on the pitch it should not be called a beam but a "WINO BALL!"


If someone with cretinism hits a home run and the bases are loaded only 1/2 to 3/5 o the runs should count.  Makes for an interesting scoreboard and scoring.

Might actually teach people really good math and good "economies."


I always believed since my days in little league that if the pitcher just beams any batter only once that they should be banned from pitching.

That would indeed slow the pitching down.  But it would also serve to keep steroids out of the sport wouldn't it.

But that is how I think the game should be played.  It might actually draw a more responsible fan base and increase ticket sales.

Copyright 2018 Thomas Paul Murphy

Somewhat off topic and not funny.

A man and wife had 22(?) kids kids and kept them chained up.  That is a recent news story.  What are the odds those kids are going to be mentally retarded from that childhood abuse?  About 100%?

Now lets say you have a black woman that gets pregnant and starts drinking heavily so that the baby will be mentally retarded and she can collect $80,000 a year from the State to take care of it.  She ends up driving a Mercedes and however she takes care of that child can't be accounted for because it will never be able to express itself.

Now lets say that those parents of those 22 kids were receiving $80,000.00 a year for each one of those children.  That would amount to $1,760,000.oo a year. Or or those who are math illiterate $1.76 Million dollars.  Is that something we really want to foster the proliferation of?  Now lets say that you have 22 cretins that marry and have 22 cretin children each.  Pretty soon the normal human race is outnumbered and you will see every single one of your Constitutional rights struck down because the lesser's can't abide by them.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Green Bay Packers (11) at Detroit Lions (35) 12 31 2017

Green Bay Packers (11) at Detroit Lions (35) 12 31 2017

They got to play indoors for their last game of the season when the temperature outside today is about 10 degrees.


A very aggressive start by the Green Bay Packers. They won the toss and decided to kick it and do an on-sides kick, which they recovered.

Detroit's Ebers (sp?) Sky Stepping after a reception was pure athleticism! It was like he sprouted wings and flew over two Packers.

GB Number 44, when the ball is in the air you always have an awareness of where it is and where it is going to be when you are on the field. You should have the mental ability to immediately determine that by a glance at its initial speed and arc. In other words you don't let it hit you in the head.

I looks like that aggressive initial attack by the Packers got the fury in the Lions going.

Time check 2:20 seconds left in the second quarter.

Hundley don't run the ball if you don't know how to hold onto it. A quaterback often wants to be brave and run the ball when the yards aren't coming. However you got to be able to hold onto that ball and not have it fumbled from you. Likely happens more when the QB runs up the center. I haven't seen anyone run through the center for a touchdown in a long time.

Hundley? The name reminds me of Hunley. The Confederate Submarine that was sank three times.

And that article there is actually more interesting than the football game.

Another interesting submarine.

What makes this all the more of a loss is that McCarthy boldly stated that he wasn't going to throw this game he wasn't that kind of guy, he was going to fight as hard as he could to win it, even though it didn't matter because the season was over.

Loved it when Matthew Stafford (sp?) tossed that touchdown ball straight up high into the fans seats back of the endzone.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

So if I am a Land Owning Farmer and it is Muzzle Loader only Gun Deer season 11 26 2017

So if I am a Land Owning Farmer and it is Muzzle Loader only Gun Deer season  11 26 2017

Am I going to use that potentially dangerous Muzzle Loader, essentially a relic, an antique, outdated technology or am I going to get out my cartridge rifle and say, there is no way anyone is ever going to know the difference?

"I have a wife and family to support, I am not going to be potentially blinded by antique firearms technology?"

Oddly enough they want to take away the modern guns don't they!  It is like we have Southerners that want to refight the Civil War against us?  Gee Whiz could that be the hillbilly white trash voices I am hearing in my head all day long?

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Invention Needed: A DSLR aiming peep hole sight that attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera 11 22 2017

Invention Needed: A DSLR aiming peep hole sight that attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera 11 22 2017

This would allow you to take pictures of birds flying in the sky and not fall down while doing so.  Because you would not have to hold the camera up to your eye to aim, you could hold it away from your face and align the peep hole with the bird and push the shutter button.

The hot shoe of the camera is on top of the camera and can be used to attach accessories.  But I have never seen a remote aiming peep hole or rod hole on the top of one.

I would patent this if my mind was distraction free of voices and I was therefore able to.

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Green Bay Packers loss to New Orleans Saints (17 to 26) 10 22 2017

Green Bay Packers loss to New Orleans Saints (17 to 26) 10 22 2017

Brief commentary.

It looked to me like one of our running backs game out of the pile up and wasn't as fast as his own feet! You have to be faster than your own feet to be in the game. So all players should be forced to practice this next maneuver that I learned by accident.

I like to run up the Bradford Beach hill sometimes. But one time I decided to not use the stairs coming down it but instead jog right down the hill. What happened next is something I should have expected from a lifetime of experience but didn't.

I started to pick up speed coming down that hill. All of a sudden I was coming down it so fast that I was almost not able to get my legs out in front of me fast enough to keep from tripping on my own feet. Luckily I was though! But the hill was very steep. And it seemed to get steeper at the base as I was going down. But I didn't fall! And boy was my adrenaline pumping at the bottom of the hill.

A gal that was there looked pale white after witnessing what she just saw, me flying down that hill!

So they should indeed practice that!

Also the back up QB in Brett Hundley #7 looks to be a good runner! In fact he looks a lot better at it than many running backs in the league.

His long bomb during the first half that resulted in an in-completion looked like pass interference by the defense to me, but the refs seemed to be sleeping?

A tall quarterback does have a height advantage in the game, and to me it doesn't look to me like Hundley is tall. (The ability to better see open players as well as pass over the arms coming up to knock down the ball.) Correction, he is 6'3” but somehow doesn't seem it?

Whenever I see two strong teams coming into a matchup, one with the record of 3 and 2 and the other with 4 and 1 I often think that at the end of the game those records will have evened out? I wonder what the statistical odds say about it? Have casino ops ran those odds.

Short unrelated story. I had to move some boxes out to the car today for a Halloween event. It is raining outside and the linoleum got wet in the house. I decided to go downstairs to try and find a rain coat for a family member. I bought a pair of waterproof Converse quilted leather shoes this fall. As I was going down the stairs, which are linoleum with a metal tip I slipped.

People often say pick up this, pick up that, get rid of this get rid of that.

I do a specific type of exercise every morning when I get up. Maybe it is 50 reps altogether. And I am 50 years old.

As I was falling on the stairs my right hand grabbed the right railing. I had also installed a railing on the other side of the stairwell too as a safety measure for my aging parents.

Did I ever mention that I am tormented with infantile like voices that mock my every thought and movement?

There is a shelf on the left side of the stairwell. On it are some things I don't know where to go with. A large plastic jar of old floor wax. A plastic jar of leather wipes for the car etc. Some insect repellent. Some caulk tubes.

When I worked out at the YMCA and hit the punching bag there someone commented that my arms were hitting so fast that they couldn't see them move.

As I was falling my left elbow came out to the side of me. Aiming for the railing. It went past the railing to the shelf. It came down on the plastic jar of floor wax and the plastic jar of leather wipes. It completely crushed them. And leather wipe liquid flew everywhere. Even around corners where you wouldn't think it would be able to go.

I lie there stationary on the stairs. The falling movement was over. The jars broke my fall. I sense where my body is. My lower back is resting 1 inch above one of the metal steps. And I am holding my body stationary like that. My head held taught by my neck muscles to about 20 degrees forward. My head never hit the stairs.

I was unharmed. Not even my arm that broke my fall was bruised. I would say that 90% of people my age who would fall like that would have ended up with a broken back.

I am still reeling from the adrenaline rush of not being injured!

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, October 15, 2017

On Professional Boxing:

On Professional Boxing:

Should a boxer that intentionally twists his fist at the end of a punch for the purpose of:

1. Cutting the face.
2. Making a cut on the face, such as near the eye bigger and worse.
3. Causing scars, which are harder and therefore easier cut, to open up anew.

Should a boxer like that be allowed to win the match? I say no! I say that isn't what boxing is supposed to be about. To me boxing is about, speed, footwork, attack and yes knock out. It isn't about tearing someone face up so that it scars over and is therefore more likely to bleed in the next fight, again because the scar tissue is harder.

I remember decades ago watching a boxer avoid a cut eye on his opponent out of sport?

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